Monday, September 21, 2009

Attn. Pattern Makers!!

Hello, hope you all had a great weekend! I spent mine working, and getting out my fall and halloween stuff from the basement. I have a cute Pumpkin, made by my grandmother. I believe its crocheted... I would love to see if someone could make me a pattern simlar to it, I think the Pumpkin is as old as I am, its one of the only Craft items I have that my grandmother made and I would like to make more to go with it. It is on a Styrofoam ball...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's My Birthday! :P

I am having a Birthday Bash sale FREE SHIPPING on any order of five(5) dollers or more...just put Birthday in the Notes to seller! refund through pay-pal!!!
My birthday is today, But We celebrated last night. I made a big pot of Chilli and my brother and his wife and son came over, my little sister and brother came too. we ate Chilli and goofed around. My boyfriend surprised me with a birthday cake he had his mom make.

I also got a great pair of boots from my Boyfriend!!

Here is agreat pic of my two brothers and Nephew, We all took turns puttin this goofy orange thing on our heads, I havent laughted that hard in a long time!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Ok If you are on Etsy you have probobly heard me ramble on about my Berry Blast Scarf/Shawl.
Well, I am finall done with it. and I have Pictures to prove it! It started out as a Large Sweater, I pain stakingly took it apart, wound the yarn into a huge ball, then begin th journey of Crocheting


I also added My Honey Mustard Scarf to my Etsy shop, It is a great piece for fall.......

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Brag Day

Ok On occassion I like to Brag about other Etsians and Friends. So today I am going to Brag about Jackie, Of

She is one of the Nicest people you will ever meet. She is always willing to help out those in need, and chances are, she will be the first one to make a thread in the Etsy forums to try to get others to help too!

This is her favorite item from her shop....

This is one of my favorite items from her shop. It is a great organizational tool for those of us who bead, or use small objects. has a great selection of items in her shop from bags, to wedding accessories, winter wear etc... Come Check it out!!

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