Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Late Nights & Lack of Sleep

Anyone else have this problem?

Anywho, Thought I better write another blog post. It has been awhile. I havent done to much since the last post, although it is getting pretty warm outside, suppose to be in the 80's this weekend.
I have made a bunch of Rad Rope scarf's for my shop & my sister. Also been making some dish cloths & paper. Stiil have no wedding venue, but I do have more supplies for teh wedding so atleast I am getting somewhere. Tomorrow is my day off so I will be cleaning,Crocheting & hopefully enjoying the sunshine & maybe even a trip to the goodwill. My mother is going to make some crochet Rag Rugs for her house, so we need some old bedsheets.

Oh Yes! I cant forget to tell you that Are CreateCrochet team on Etsy is doing another Charity event. about a year ago we did Scarves for Operation Gratitude, this time we are doing Hats & things for Relay for Life. Our own http://www.creationsbym2.etsy.com/ is doing the walk in Arizona and has a booth there where she will sell our creations and teh proceeds to go to cancer reasearch, we may also list some hats & things to buy on etsy and Donate(Ex. you buy a purple hat and we send it to a lil girl/boy who could use it and teh money goes to reasearch.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Trying to think of something to write about. I now have a great Sale section in my Etsy shop for those of you who love a sale! http://www.jdfootloose.etsy.com/

Got a new cupcake scarf made lastnight, just waiting to photograph it. I have also started a pink & brown scarf using two yarns at one time.

Trying to get some wedding planning done. Its hard when your fiance wants to be difficult about where you get married...MEN!!

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