Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring is here!

Well it has been exremely hot here the past few days. In the 80's it feels good to have the windows wide open, and smelling the laundry that has dried on the clothesline, it smells so clean!

I have finishd teh Twilight series books, there a great books!

My garden is looking pretty good, i have carrot sprouts, and my tomatoes just started peeking out of the soil, my asparagus and rhubarb are growing great from last year. My brothers rabbit had babys last wednesday there so cute(pics coming soon) momma rabbit pictured.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Rain Rain go away!

It has rained alot here lately, if you couldnt tell by my title...It seems like it rains all week then you have one nice day and back to more rain. uuggg!

I couple weeks ago I went to S.c to watch my brother graduate from boot camp! I am very proud of him!

My sister turned 16 today, isnt that scary?!!!!

I have made it to book three of the Twilight series I am on chapter 17. very good books!! :)
I havent added anything new in to my shop in the past week, I think I may add a couple of new items today...We had a great easter, we went and hid easter eggs for my Bf's nieces. The barn is just a reandom picture I took one day, I have always loved the way the old barn looked all alone in that green field!

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