Monday, May 31, 2010

Where I would Go!

If I could leave tomorrow on a trip, all expenses paid. I would Go to Maine! My home state where I grew up. where most my family still lives. I havent been back since my grandmother died in 2005. I'd love to go to bucksport and see all my friends get a S'mores flurry & walk on the bay. maybe go over to Fort Knox and look around like when we were kids.
I would love to go hiking in Baxter state park, go fishing & camping.

I would go to Bar harbor and walk around on the beach, go to pirates Cove and play mini golf.
and of course eat a nice YUMMMMY LOBSTER!!!

~Also I would love to see Ireland!


Mamta said...

Old memories can never be forgotten. Hope your wish comes true!!!

Christie Cottage said...

Sounds like a walk down memory lane!

I'll join you for that lobster!

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

I'd love to go to Maine! All the wonderful seafood - yum! And it's always nice to visit family.

Marianne's Musings said...

Sounds sooooooo nice. What lovely memories you have shared, it's like being there with you! I hope your wish comes true. (Quick, find a pair of ruby red slippers and click the heals 3 times and say.....) Well, it MIGHT work :0)

Julie G. said...

I would like to visit your hometown too! It kind of sounds like my Wisconsin where all my family is and I haven't seen in 5 yrs.

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Hi Jess - Now I can put a name/face to JdFootloose! My brother gave a pair of wooden shoes to my mom too! While doing the tulip/question blog, I decided I'd do one on my Holland memories sometime -- it was a fun time!

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