Monday, November 24, 2008

Turkey Day!!

Well Turkey day is a few days away! Yikes! I will be joining my boyfriends family as usual tukey day lunch then coming home to take a nap. Then we will have our own thanksgiving here, in four years this will be the first year we will have a one on one personal thanksgiving! Not that I dont enjoy teh family ones. I do. but it will be nice to have our own too!

My menu will include

green bean casserole
stuffing(for him) yuck!
cranberrie sauce
mashed potatoes
maybe some mac n cheese I dunno
its a southern thing,(i'm a yankee)
Cinnamon Pie
apple pie
pumpkin pie

I also saw a great recipe on rachel ray : 1 box vanilla pudding,1 can pumpkin puree(not pie mix),1 tub of cool whip,gingersnaps

make your pudding mix in the pumpkin,then fold in your cool whip, put ginger snaps in the bottom of your bowl,pumpkin mix on top and to make it look pretty a dollop of cool whip with a gingersnap stuck in it!
I made some tonight its so yummy!!!


Michelle said...

awwww enjoy the one on one times! Those are the best and I miss them now. It's racing all voer the place constantly to like 4 different places on the holidays here. What a pain! hahaa! This year we're going away!

Distressing Delilah said...

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! Thanks for visiting my blog a few posts back!

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