Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Christmas Miracle

I got engaged back in November, a week after my 5th anniversary. and then last sunday while watching his nieces christmas play I lost the engagement ring...And didint know it.

I know I had it at her play (A cinderella Christmas) then we cam home ate dinner and went to watch her younger sisters sing at there chuch where they were having there play. well when they said closing prayer I bowed my head and noticed my ring was gone. I thought oh great just what I need!

So we left and hunted around my vehicle and around the house. My fiances mother told them at the church to keep an eye out for it. Then the next day she called to see if i had found it. I hadnt.
So she went to the Stone center (where the play was held) and hunted around in the room where we were. never found it. So she gave them her number and said if by chance someone finds it please call me.
well no call.....Then on Wednesday on our way home from Winston-Salem Hospital (future Sil has to go once a month) We got a call from my fiances other sister. They had found the ring at the stone center!

wal-lah, yipee, awesome! Ms.Janet the kind lady that found my ring, Told me I was very lucky and should play the lottery. :P Because they had just had two confrences in that same room w/ 400 + people in each conference and no one ever saw the ring. She found it when she hit with a dust mop, while cleaning up. Isnt it a Miracle!? So now the Ring is safely back on my finger where it belongs! ♥


Kaleida Eclectics said...

Congrats on you engagement and finding your ring!!

debi said...

Thank God!! Merry Christmas, that was a great gift! debi

jbcrochetdelights said...

Congratulations - luck is with you. Merry Christmas.

Erica said...

I am so glad you found your ring. After being married for almost 2 years Adam and I got our wedding rings (from and now my biggest fear is losing it!

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