Monday, January 11, 2010

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Wow 2010 already, Happy New Year to Everyone. I just cant seem to get things rolling this year. I am slacking in my blog writing. Although I have been pretty productive in the Crochet dept. I have made two scarves for myself and an earwarmer for my shop etc....

I got a few Knitting loom for Christmas I am teaching myself how to make hats, I figure I'll give the first few to my family to test out and see howI do then maybe I will add them to my shop. I would really like to start working with sea Glass more this year. and maybe even get into the Resin jewelry I have been talking about for Two years. and I want to learn to Felt too! Oh yeah and my Mother bought me a New Sewing machine for Christmas! :D Oh yeah and I have to be in a wedding this year, and Plan my Own...I guess 2010 is going to be a busy year!
Ok now to promote a little. I am on the CreateCrochet team and the Nctriangle team, If you Crochet or sell crochet related items check out the crochet team its a great bunch of people and we have so much fun.
If you live in or around the Nc Triangle and are looking for a great team, this is a great team to join, It is a very eclectic team we make a little bit of everything.

I am also members of Christiecottage BNS thread and pleasurearts BNS thread in the promotions section on etsy. They are just like teams very friendly and supportive and you can promote your shops too! Oh and just to a Nod to my Home state, the EtsyMaine team also has some awesome shops!

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pleasurearts said...

Wow, jd you are going to be busy! I love the idea that you have so many projects and so enthusiastic. Have fun with the loom. And congrats on the upcoming wedding! :)

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