Monday, June 29, 2009

My First Feature ~Photoamato~

Photographer and fellow Etsy shop owner PhotoAmato is celebrating her first year on Etsy.
Lisa is the owner of PhotoAmato and shares this about herself;“
I was born and spent my early years in Niagara Falls, New York. I moved to Northern California as a teen and found that, even at that young age, I was in awe of the vast and diverse scenery. Now, along with my husband, two sons and Bella, my beautiful dog, we enjoy hiking, going to the beach, and anything that involves the great outdoors.Living in the Bay Area, I am witness to this area's ability to traverse both the minute wonder of a ladybug resting on a sunflower petal to the overwhelming expanse of a Pacific sunset. Everywhere I go, an opportunity to capture a truly breathtaking moment presents itself; whether it be the rugged peaks of the Sierras, the almost surreal Northern California shore, or the opulent colors of the wine country.
It was the limitless beauty of the natural world that first inspired me to pick up a camera and, thus, began what came to be not just a casual hobby, but a passion for capturing the world around me through my camera's lens. I am privileged to share my view of the world through my images. From abstract & architectural to vast landscapes & intricate close-ups, my hope is to inspire everyone who views my work to look for beauty in everything that surrounds us.
I am a self-taught photographer who has learned through trial and error, taking untold numbers of shots to find that one that is just right.”Lisa’s favorite quote is; "A photograph is a picture painted by the sun without instruction in art." (Ambrose Bierce)Besides a vast variety of art photography, Lisa also creates glass tile pendants and note cards with her photographs. Here is a small selection of what she has in her Etsy shop.

I am sorry the photos are not bigger, Please check out her shop on etsy to get the full effect of her beutiful work!

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Piggy said...

Great work / article, thanks for sharing. Love to read more :)

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