Thursday, June 25, 2009

What a nice day!

Good afternoon! It is another beutiful day here. I am starting off this blog post with a big huge THANK YOU!! to she gifted me this cute T-shirt, great for summer! I love it! check out her shop for great unique jewelry pieces,wine glass charms etc!Also I got some Snicker fudge from MMMMMMMMmmm it is the best fudge ever! it is amazing!

On another note it has been a pretty busy week, cleaning house, and trying to lay a cement patio on the front of my house. It is back breaking when your trying to mix cement in a 5 gallon bucket, dump it, smooth it and start again, but its getting the job done...slowly, but its getting done. :P

I have been photographing items for my etsy shop, I will soon be adding more dish rags, and Jewelry and one of my brothers recycled bird houses...

Here are some more photos i took of my flowers:


Anonymous said...

You are most welcome! It was my pleasure to send you the shirt. You are a joy.

Your pictures are so beautiful!

Christie Cottage said...

Wonderful pictures. Cute shirt and don't get me started on hillside's fudge!

Congrats on the feature on the other blog too!

Melina and Denise said...

You're right, that is a nice day! And a great shirt. Very lucky.

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