Monday, June 1, 2009

New Month New post...

Ok so here goes, a mish mash of a bunch of different topics.

Come join christiecottage BNS in the Promos forums its a great place to chat make friends, and get sales!!
Also check out the treats n eats cookbook BNR...

ok and an intro to all the pics I am about to post the first one is two paintings I did about 3 years ago I love all the colors but they go with nothing in my house :P so there on my bedroom wall...

The other pics are of my bedroom walls I am in the process of painting them, i have lived here almost 3 years and all my walls are this sand color...So I went Green!
Ok and this last set is to show you where my craft room used to be and what it looked like...My brother moved in with me before it was completly done. So now he's stuck in a room with purple, teal and sand colored walls, Oh did I mention hes a 14 year old boy...I feel bad hes has to sleep in my creative somewhat girly space...:P

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